3 Simple Steps to Sell Your Home for More Money

We’re in the hottest sellers market in years. With that being said, there’s as much opportunity out there as ever to turn a nice profit on your home - and even more opportunity for sellers who know how to play the market right. We’re talking about small fixes that cost you relatively little and will leave potential buyers with a great first impression of your home. Lets take a look at a few important steps to take when you want to sell your Snohomish County home.


Of course, no one will be impressed by a messy house. Furniture and other decorations make it more appealing, but having too many personal items lying around will limit the buyers ability to picture themselves living there. We suggest that our buyers box up about 30-40% of their things and pack them away, leaving the house clean and visually appealing. Your potential buyer’s imaginations will take them from imagining their life in your home to putting in a great offer.

Staging Your Home to Sell

In some cases, we reccomend that buyers stage their home. Staging means bringing in professional help to give your house that little extra something, and could involved lighting techniques, design elements (for example, bringing in extra furniture, mirrors, decorations, etc.) cleaning techniques (such as using a special oil to bring your cabinets to life) and more. We work with stagers who are experts in the current market and have incredible attention to detail and style. They understand todays buyers and can help make the difference between buyers who would like your home and buyers who love it and are willing to do whatever it takes to live there.

Take Professional Real Estate Photos

With your house clean and optimized for buyers, it’s important to take some professional photos. These photos are the first thing that potential buyers look at when browsing listings online. If they’re done well, they’ll drive some major traffic to your home (and open house, if you choose to do one). If they’re taken poorly, buyers wont even stop by to look. Smart phones are great, but they just won’t get the job done here. Professional real estate photography with appropriate lighting and angles will sell buyers on your home before you even talk to them. When we sit down to talk with you about listing your home, we will get you in touch with photographers with proven results that will get the job done right.

Sell Your Snocomish County Home

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