3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

3 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Spring is here, which is a big deal for real estate–especially those looking to sell their Snohomish County real estate.

Winter is the great equalizer. All the houses are covered with snow, and curb appeal levels out across all the homes. Once the snow starts to melt, however, the true colors start to show. The houses with optimized curb appeal really start to stand out. If you can dial in that curb appeal, spring is an excellent time to sell your property.

Here are three tips on how to increase curb appeal and sell your Snohomish County home for top dollar.


A well kept lawn and garden says a lot about a home. It shows that its been well kept and that the owner has pride in the property. It shows that they want to show off their home! Pruning trees, laying down mulch, and pulling weeds are some of the easiest fixes we’ve seen. They make a big difference and aren’t a huge investment of time or money. Of course, mowing your lawn is a huge one too.

Pressure Washing

Renting or buying a pressure washer could be the best few hundred bucks you spend to increase curb appeal, especially because it’s so often overlooked by other home sellers. If you pressure wash your sidewalk, driveway, and siding, your home will pop right from the street. This could save you from having to do a new paint job.


Paint is also important. Most the time we’re not talking about re-painting huge sections of your home–sometimes, just the small things are sufficient. Take a look at the trim, porch, railing, and steps. These are areas that take little time or paint but make a big difference. 

All of these things are small investments that pay out huge when selling your home. That’s why we try and get in touch with our buyers months before they put their home on the market. That way, we can get everything ready to roll and put together a comprehensive real estate sales plan for how we’ll sell that house for top dollar.

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