Best Coffee Shops in Snohomish County

Coffee shopsThe PNW is a great place to live if you value a good cup of coffee. With a strong coffee scene for decades, there are plenty of places to enjoy a classic cup of joe, an impressive third wave latte, or something in between. 

We can help you make Snohomish County your home. Contact us any time to learn more about how we can help you find homes for sale in Snohomish County, and keep reading for a list of some of our favorite coffee shops in the area. 

Narrative Coffee

Narrative Coffee, located in Everett, is known for its commitment to quality coffee. They source their beans responsibly and focus on the craft of coffee preparation. The shop has a modern and inviting ambiance, making it a popular spot for coffee enthusiasts.

Red Cup Cafe

Red Cup Cafe in Mukilteo is a cozy and locally-owned coffee shop with a laid-back atmosphere. They offer a variety of coffee drinks, teas, and a selection of pastries. The cafe has a community-oriented vibe and is a favorite among locals.

Gravity Coffee Co.

Gravity Coffee Co. in Mill Creek is known for its friendly staff and comfortable environment. They roast their coffee beans in-house, ensuring a fresh and flavorful cup. The menu includes a variety of espresso drinks, drip coffee, and snacks.

Blue Steele Coffee Company

Blue Steele Coffee Company, located in Marysville, is a family-owned coffee shop that takes pride in its welcoming atmosphere and quality coffee. They offer a diverse menu, including specialty drinks, smoothies, and breakfast items.

The Loft Coffee Bar

The Loft Coffee Bar in Edmonds is a popular destination with a unique setting. It's situated in a loft space, providing a cozy and artistic environment. In addition to coffee, they offer a variety of snacks and light meals.

Trail's End Taphouse and Restaurant

Trail's End Taphouse & Restaurant in Snohomish not only offers a variety of craft beers but also has a coffee bar. It's a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in a relaxed and friendly setting. The establishment often hosts live music events, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

Waterfront Coffee Company

With a prime location near the waterfront, Waterfront Coffee Company in Edmonds provides a scenic setting to enjoy a cup of coffee. The cafe emphasizes community engagement and sustainability. They roast their coffee in-house and offer a selection of pastries and light snacks.

Vivendo Espresso

Vivendo Espresso in Arlington is a local coffee shop known for its friendly service and quality beverages. They serve a variety of coffee drinks, teas, and smoothies. The cafe has a comfortable seating area, making it a nice spot to relax.

Seven Coffee Roasters

Seven Coffee Roasters, with a location in Lynnwood, is a coffee roastery and cafe. They are committed to sustainability and source high-quality beans. The menu includes a range of espresso drinks and brewed coffees.


Chanterelle is a charming cafe in Edmonds that not only serves great coffee but also has a menu featuring breakfast and lunch items made with locally sourced ingredients. The cafe has a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a favorite among locals looking for a delightful dining experience.

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