Does Staging Your Home Help It Sell Faster?

Does Staging Your Home Help It Sell Faster?

Our clients often ask us about the benefits of staging their Snohomish County home in preparation to list it on the market. Does home staging really work? Does it help sell homes faster? Let’s get into the facts.

Benefits of Staging a Home

Statistically, staged homes sell for 3% more than average and sell twice as fast as their unstaged counterparts. When you look at it that way, it definitely seems like a great idea, but that doesn’t mean that every single house that sells needs a full blown staging - there are different levels that we use.

  1. Full staging. This is where we completely optimize the house. Stagers know exactly what buyers are looking for, so a full staging means doing whatever it takes to meet that criteria. They’ll bring in furniture, adjust lighting, and use all sorts of innovative methods to make sure your home sells for top dollar. This is definitely more of a commitment and requires more effort, but you’ll see a return when your home sells. We’ll even do this with vacant houses (we’re some of the only real estate agents in Snohomish County who do this).
  2. Partial staging. Chances are, your home looks great but there’s a few things we could tweak to make it even better. For example, maybe a stager could identify an opportunity to just switch out a piece of furniture and add a few accessories to really make an impression. A few small changes could be the difference between buyers who like your house and multiple buyers who love it and are willing to put in multiple offers.
  3. Staging consultation. This is the bare minimum, and still offers a great ROI. We’ll just have a stager come in, tweak some minor details, and your home will be optimized with as little effort as possible.

Using Staging to Sell Over Listing Price

We’ve had quite a few experiences over the past few months where we’ve used staging to sell our clients homes .

  1. Full stage, house listed at 575k, sold at 629k
  2. Full stage, house listed at 250k, sold at 287k
  3. Partial stage, House listed at 600k, sold at 620k.

Of course, there’s more that goes into this than just the staging - we have a full 21 step sales plan that creates these kinds of results - but it definitely goes to show that the little things make a difference when you’re looking to sell your Snohomish County home.

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