Hiding Something in Your Closet? What Nobody Talks About in Staging

Hiding Something in Your Closet? What Nobody Talks About in Staging

When selling your house, staging is an important part of getting your home ready to show. But even with staging being so common, there are lots of areas nobody is talking about!

Staging is not only about shiny surfaces, rearranging furniture or getting rid of things. But there are lots of other areas in your home that buyers peek into!

  • Closets: Bedroom, office and hallway closets will most likely be opened by potential buyers. Make sure nothing can fall on you when you open the closet and make sure it's not so packed that buyers can't see how much storage closets offer.
  • Cabinets: You are moving soon! Getting kitchen and bathroom cabinets organized as well as possible is a great way to prepare for the next chapter in your life.
  • Drawers: When buyers visit your home, every door and drawer might be opened. Cleaning as much stuff as possible out will make your home show clean and impress potential buyers!
  • Garage: Your garage is a safe space for storage when you are in the in-between-houses phase. Furniture, boxes and other things can be stored conveniently without disturbing the appeal of your home. Electrical panel, furnace, hot water heater and other appliances should be accessible though!
  • Done: You are now prepared for the next showing or open house!

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