How much does it COST so SELL?

How much does it COST so SELL?

Do you know what you have to INVEST to SELL your home? We have some answers for you!


How much does it COST you to sell your house in WA state?

Many buyers are not aware of what it takes to sell their home. Let's take the chance and go over the three big things sellers have to pay for out of closing when they're selling their home!

Number 1: Excise tax

A lot of people, especially if they're new in WA state or home buying and selling, are not aware of the excise tax, which is payable to county and state that you live in. Plan on roughly just under 2% for that.

Number 2: Realtor's commissions

In Washington State, the seller pays for both the listing and the buying commission. This is a sensitive topic. But: Look at commissions as a return on your investment. You're investing a portion of your equity with the agent representing you on the sale of your home and making you maximum profit. We will touch on this in another video!´

Number 3: Title and escrow fees

The seller will actually purchase a title insurance policy for the buyer. This is standard and typically not negotiable.

So, how much will this all come together?

In total, you will probably spend somewhere between 7.5 to 9.5% of the purchase price to sell your home.

´Any questions? Feel free to shoot me a message! Or, start with estimating the value of your home!

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