Real Estate Marketing and Sales Plan

If you're like most of our clients that are thinking about selling their home, you care about two big things:

  1. Price - how you can get your home sold for the most amount of money possible

  2. Time - how can you sell your home as fast as possible

At the Novak Team, we have designed and heavily tested a 21 step marketing plan that gets you these results. We’ve paired the plan with a high traffic website (top three in Snohomish County with 7700 active monthly users) and thousands of dollars of google/facebook ad spend, which has allowed us to deliver our clients exactly the results they’re looking for. 

We have the data to prove that it works, too. Our average selling point is 102% of normal market area value, and our homes are on the market for an average of 6.4 days compared to the market average of 12.

Here’s a quick look at the different elements of our plan.

Before we list your home:

  • Strategic pricing. We have three different pricing strategies, and we’ll pick the one that’s right for your situation.
  • Massive exposure to agents. We reach out to a huge network of buyers agents who will show their qualified buyers your home.
  • Professional home staging. Our stagers know what today's buyers are looking for, and will prep your house to really grab their attention.
  • Professional photography. With 92% of buyers searching online, great photography is a must.
  • Advertising. Once again, we spend thousands on google and facebook ads that will put your home in front of potential buyers.

When we list your home:

  • Global networking. We tap into our whole network, including buyers in other countries
  • Yard sign. A basic element of selling, everyone does one.
  • Massive internet exposure. We do this through our high traffic website, social media presence, and ad spend.
  • Email cultivation - Our database contains 5000+ buyers who we send email blasts to.
  • Property flyers. Full color.
  • Supra lock box and centralized showing service. This makes scheduling buyers and showings a breeze.
  • Buyer screening. We want to make sure that you don’t waste your time with unqualified buyers.
  • Mega open house. We’re talking about open houses that last a whole weekend with 100+ signs, staffed with multiple team members, heavily promoted on social media, massive on site signage, and more.

After we list your home:

  • Quick, reliable responses to clients. 24 hour availability - don’t worry about taking calls at midnight from very excited buyers, we’ve got that covered.
  • Canvassing your neighborhood to look for potential leads.
  • Skilled negotiation. Not only will we lock in a seller at a great price, we’ll save you from losing value in the tricky negotiation stage.
  • Updates on the market
  • Online activity marketing. We optimize our advertising efforts to reach the most interested buyers.

Watch this quick video to learn more about our plan, and make sure you get in touch below so that we can provide you with a full copy for free!

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