#1 Mistake Home Buyers Make

Mistake: start running around looking at homes

Why is this problematic?


  • No Preapproval
  • No gameplan
  • No discovery process
What to expect at a buyers consultation


  • Signficant investment of time upfront to make sure you know what to expect
  • In depth discussion identifying the "must-haves", and location specifics
  • Overview of the process from start to finish. About 25 steps in the buying process and we explain each of them
  • Recommendations on lenders
  • Strategy on how to transistion from where you are at now, to the next home (lease, need to sell, month to month etc).

Buying can be a lot of fun, or it can be stressful and unpleasant. The difference comes down to your planning.

Be sure your agent is investing time upfront so you feel fully prepared.


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