#1 Mistake Sellers Make

I want to share with you the number one big mistake I'm seeing sellers make when they also need to purchase a home. The mistake they're making, and we see this almost every day: they focus on the next home and they don't think about their current house.

Let's face it, looking at homes is fun. Looking online is fun. Touring homes is fun. Getting your home decluttered, getting it cleaned, and ready to go, it's not as fun. But here is why this matters. You can only bring your home to the market one time. How that home is presented to the market is super important for getting it sold for top dollar and as fast as possible.

So what we really want you to do is we want you to get your home completely ready to go before you start shopping for the next home. Because let's face it, homes in this market sell super fast and if your home is not ready to go and you have to sell that home before you close on the next home, you could be possibly losing thousands of dollars by not taking the time and developing a specific strategy and game plan to get your home ready before you start shopping for the next property.

So, I want to make sure that you know about the five day rule. This is very, very important. When you buy a home contingent on selling your current home, it's called a contingent transaction. You have five business days to get that current home on the market. Most of our sellers are actually planning their move three to six months before they're ready to get the home on. So, if you're trying to rush and get your home on the market in five days because you didn't develop a game plan or you didn't develop that specific strategy to help you move from point A to point B in that next home, then you're going to feel really rushed and possibly not bring that home to the market in the best possible way that it could be.

Again, you've got one chance to do that. I want to make sure your home is exposed to the market perfectly, the first time. So if you've got questions on how to buy and sell at the same time, reach out to me and I'd be happy to help you develop a specific game plan. But please, please, please start with focusing on your current home and make sure you have a strategy there.

Just as a side benefit, on our real estate team, what we do, we actually pay to have your house cleaned because what we've discovered is at the end of getting your home decluttered, it's no fun to go clean your house. The last thing we want to do is have your home go to the market dirty. So we'll take on that responsibility for you when we work with you and we will help you get your home clean.

If you've got questions, reach out to me direct.

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