Pros and Cons of Living in a Master Planned Community in Snohomish County

Master Planned CommunitiesAs you consider buying a home in Snohomish County, the home itself is only part of the equation. The type of community in which it is located is just as significant a factor. We can help you find homes for sale in Snohomish County no matter the type of neighborhood you are looking for, so contact us any time to begin your search.

In recent years, master-planned communities have gained popularity as a housing option that offers a carefully curated lifestyle. These communities, often characterized by comprehensive planning, amenities, and thoughtful design, aim to create a harmonious living experience for residents. While they come with a host of benefits, there are also drawbacks to consider. Here's what you need to know about choosing a home in a master planned community in Snohomish County. 

Benefits of a Master Planned Community


One of the primary draws of master-planned communities is the array of amenities they offer. Residents of master planned communities in Snohomish County enjoy access to parks, recreational spaces, fitness centers, pools, and sometimes even golf courses. These amenities make it easier to enjoy the lifestyle you want, without having to leave your own community for recreation, socializing, fitness, and more. 

Intentional Design

Many communities are not designed with any intentionality, but simple evolve with development over time. For some people, this is no big deal, but other residents find it inconvenient or frustrating. 

Master-planned communities prioritize cohesive design and landscaping. Streetscapes, green spaces, and architectural guidelines contribute to an aesthetically pleasing environment and the overall layout is meant to be functional and practical. This attention to detail enhances the overall quality of life for residents.

Community Engagement

These communities often foster a strong sense of community. Planned events, social gatherings, and shared spaces encourage residents to connect and build relationships. This can lead to a more supportive and interconnected living experience, surrounded by like minded residents who also experience a sense of ownership in the community. 

Property Values

Well-designed communities with amenities and a strong sense of community can contribute to increased property values over time. As the community becomes an established part of the city with a great reputation, it will become increasingly desirable and the increase in demand will drive your home's value up. This can be beneficial for homeowners looking at long-term investments.

Drawbacks of a Master Planned Community

Lack of Individuality

The very uniformity that provides predictability residents enjoy can also lead to a lack of individuality. Homes may adhere to similar architectural styles, and restrictions on customization can limit residents' ability to express personal tastes. If a homogenous aesthetic like this is boring or unappealing to you, a master planned community may not be the right fit. 

HOA Rules

Many master-planned communities are governed by HOAs that establish rules and guidelines. While this is intended to maintain community standards, it can be perceived as restrictive, with fines for violations and limited freedom in property management.

Higher Cost

While not always the case, moving to a master planned community can be more costly than other comparable neighborhoods in the area. Living in a master-planned community often comes with a higher price tag for multiple reasons. Home prices may be elevated due to the amenities and services offered, and residents may face ongoing fees to cover the maintenance of shared spaces and facilities.

Potential for Overcrowding

The popularity of master-planned communities can lead to increased demand and potential overcrowding. This can impact the availability of amenities, create traffic congestion, and diminish the overall quality of the living experience. Before buying in a community, inquire about future development plans and any limitations put on the growth of the community. 

When considering living in a master-planned community, it's essential for potential residents to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks and assess how well the community aligns with their preferences and lifestyle. Take some time to reflect on your preferences, and then let us help guide your exploration of communities in the area. 

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