Quickly prepare your Home for a great Showing - without the Stress

Quickly prepare your Home for a great Showing - without the Stress

If your home is actively on the market, or you have been thinking about getting your home on the market, there are 5 things you can do right now to get your home ready for a great showing. It takes minutes and can be done before you even step out the door for the day.

Taking the time to make sure your home is ready every day will ensure that when that phone call comes requesting a showing, your home is prepared.

Sweep/clean up doorstep

Take a few minutes to quickly sweep the doorstep every time you leave the house. It is a simple task that can greatly improve curb appeal. 

Lights on/blinds up

A bright environment is very important when showing a home. You may not want to leave the lights on while you are gone for the day at work, but leaving the blinds up is a no cost way to ensure enough light is coming into the rooms of your home.

Make the Beds

This is a simple thing. Even though you may not normally make your bed every single day, if your home is on the market, it needs to be a priority. It makes every room look put together and will make an impression on the potential buyer.

Get rid of dirty Laundry

You will not have time to ensure all laundry is always washed and put away. So, every morning put all dirty laundry in the washing machine. Even if you do not have the intent of starting the wash, make sure it is picked up and off the floor. 

Manage the smells in your home

This one is the most important, especially for those with pets in the home. Measures need to be taken to ensure that when buyers walk in, they are greeted with a pleasant odor. Putting lemon peel in the kitchen sink or vanilla/cinnamon on the stove will do wonders in masking unpleasant odors.

According to the National Association of Realtors, over half of buyers say the smell of the home made an impact on their decision to purchase. It was more important than the finishes, carpet choice, paint, etc.

Once again, if your home is on the market or you are anticipating that it may be soon, know that there are several things you can do daily to guarantee those visiting your home will have a pleasurable experience.

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