The Best Site to Search MLS Listings in Washington

The internet is your best friend in finding a new home. Just 25 years ago, buyers had to flip through newspaper ads, listing brochures, or other compilations to find potential houses. Now, all the information is on the web. The problem is knowing where to look. A reliable source to search for homes will help you find the right property easier and faster than the competition.

Our clients frequently ask us which of all the websites is the best to begin their search. This may seem a little biased, but the answer is our website! Here’s why:

Our website,, is connected directly to the MLS. If you’re not familiar, the MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. In the 1800’s, real estate agents and brokers started meeting together to combine their listings and create a marketplace for homes to be sold. Today, that same practice has evolved into a comprehensive database and the absolute best place to look for a home. It’s success depends on it’s reliability, so the industry dedicates extensive time and resources to ensuring that it’s clean and up to date. If you want to find a home in Washington, you’ll want to search the MLS.

How to search the Washington state MLS

The problem is that complete access to the MLS is limited to licensed representatives across the state. Our solution? We integrated our website with the MLS by pulling the properties listed there into our website. You get to see all the homes that licensed agents see, at no cost! It doesn’t matter who the listing company is, we still display it on our website. Our main interest is finding you the perfect home.

Not only is our website integrated with the MLS, but search options make it easy to narrow down the type of house you are looking for. Here are a few useful searches you could run:

By using our website, you can also search for foreclosures, bank owned homes, short sales, or distressed properties. It’s all available and customizable on our website, making it the easiest way to search the Washington state MLS.

Don’t waste your time searching on unreliable sites. You don’t want to find what looks like the perfect fit, only to discover that the listing expired six months ago and site failed to update.

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