Selling and Moving with Kids Made Easy

Are you already terrified of showings and open house before your house even went on the market? Don't worry: Selling, buying and moving with children can be easy as pie!

Selling and moving into a new home or apartment is hard - but it's even harder when you have children! When selling a home, you want it to show as clean as possible.

With staging or without - it’s important to have the space as clean and organized as possible. After all, you want to convince potential buyers!

But how can you organize the chaos kids create on a daily basis? And how can you maintain a clean home during the home sale stage? Are you already terrified of showings and open house before your house even went on the market?

Don’t worry: With a few hints, organizing and selling your house will go smoothly – including happy kids!

  1. Toys: Less toys around means less toys to clean up. The best way to do this is choosing five top toys with every kid. Let your child pick out five favorites to have handy during the home cleaning, staging and sale. Then, start packing up all the other - together. Children love to have the feeling to be involved!

  2. Wardrobe: Usually, kids' wardrobes are colorful, but messy. After all, kids like to dress up and change outfits during the day! A smaller wardrobe with less clothes means less chaos during the home selling process.

  3. Bins: Keep easy to reach toy bins all around the house. Home stores sell an array of nice-looking storage bins, crates and boxes. After throwing in toys or accessories, they can be quickly tucked away in a closet.

Keeping your home organized and your kids happy during the home selling process doesn't need to be difficult!

Ready to start the process? Want more information? Our experienced agents know how to make selling, buying and moving easy.

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