Snohomish County Real Estate Market Report for September 2017

Snohomish County Real Estate Market Trends

September 2017

There is a lot going on locally in our Snohomish County real estate market right now with low inventory and high buyer demand for well priced homes that are in good condition.

In this months video, we go over the trends we’re seeing in the market this September compared to this time last year, and different strategies you can apply to make sure you get the best deal when you buy or sell your home. There are certain key data points that pros look at (and you should to!) that help determine how you should navigate the market.

In our video, we take a look at:

  • Sales price

  • Days on market

  • Selling point as a percentage of list price

  • Total homes for sale and months supply

There are a few key takeaways from this data. We are still in a huge sellers market. There hasn’t been a better time to sell than this year, and that trend continues. There are more houses on the market right now than this time last year, but they are only expected to last for 1.3 months instead of 1.7. That means that with the right strategy and guidance, your home will sell for top dollar quickly.

We have a lot of people asking us if they should wait until spring to sell their home. The problem with waiting is that everyone else wants to wait, too. The market gives you a huge edge right now, but that could level out once everyone decides to list their home. Take advantage of a surplus of buyers and low competition to really get a great value for your home.

At the Novak team, our biggest interest is to make the home buying process as simple and profitable as possible for you. We’ve combined our research (like the data in this video) with our experience and what we’re seeing in the market to create a buyers guide to the current market and a 21 step marketing/sales plan that will be really valuable to you as you take on buying or selling a home. Right now is a great time to jump in on the market, so if you’ve had any thoughts about selling your home and buying a new home, or are just curious about your Snohomish County home give us a call!  You can reach us here or call us at 360-393-0396 to learn more today!

Also, fill out the contact form below and we’ll provide you with a free copy of our buyers guide and marketing/sales plan.

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