Snohomish County Home Seller Case Studies

We know we talk a lot about our 21 step marketing and sales plan (it’s hard not to, it’s done wonders for our clients and for ourselves) so we wanted to talk about some specific cases where it’s delivered incredible results.

On average, our homes sell for 102% of normal market price and find a buyer in about half the normal market time - the average time on market for the Snohomish County/Washington area is 12 days, and we’re averaging just under 6. While these are great results, that’s just our average performance. When things go right, we’ve seen even more incredible returns.

Selling a Snohomish County Home - Case Study

One particular instance we want to talk about was a home in Snohomish County. Our marketing and sales plan emphasizes strategy and planning, so, in this instance, it was super effective because we were able to start planning beforehand. Before we even listed, we had a marketing plan in place (tailored specifically for the house and surrounding market), set a strategic price point, staged the home, and took professional photos. Once it was listed, we threw an open house - but not just any open house! When we throw an open house, we go big (seriously, sometimes we’ll even get food trucks there) and make sure that potential buyers couldn’t miss your home if they tried. We advertised the open house with massive internet exposure, tons of signage, and by reaching out to our database of 5000+ buyers. We were excited about the results, but not nearly as excited as our sellers were when 150 potential buyers showed up over three days.

With that much exposure, the home received 12 offers. It was a sellers dream. We waited five days to allow all the offers to roll in, and when everything was said and done, the home sold for $35,000 over list price! Our video below shows a few other case studies where our sellers have seen great results using our experienced realtors and 21 step marketing and sales plan.

Are you thinking about selling your Snohomish County home? These cases prove that strategy and planning are key factors in selling for top dollar. We do the extra planning for you and leverage our experience in the market to deliver you top results. We’d love to help you sell your home, so fill out the form below so that we can sit down and devise a strategy specific for your home. The sooner you get in touch, the better!

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