The 3 Biggest Mistakes Home Buyers Are Making Right Now

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The market is hot right now, which means there’s little room for mistakes when trying to acquire a home.

Let’s talk about three mistakes to avoid so that you don’t miss out on your dream property.

Not Getting Pre-Approved to Buy Your Home

How much are you willing to pay?

This is one of the very first things we go over with our buyers before we start looking at a home. By doing so, you'll avoid wasting time looking at a home that won't work because of financing. 

The whole process goes a lot more smoothly if you can get pre-approved with a lender. From there, we can dial in the best homes for you to be looking at.

Going in Without a Home Buyer’s Strategy

When you do find that perfect home, what’s the strategy to acquire it?

It seems logical that the highest offer wins, but our experience has taught us otherwise. By strategizing on items such as earnest money, settlement dates, and more, you can make an offer for less money more appealing.

When you talk with one of our agents, we’ll go over this and find any advantages you might have over other buyers, and how we can play to those.

Not Understanding The Market

Your strategy needs to tailor to the current market conditions. Right now, we’re in one of the biggest seller’s markets we’ve ever seen. It’s been this way for a few years. Houses are going at an average of 100% of listing price, so coming in at 10,000 dollars under probably won’t work out too well.

Speak with one of our agents who can provide you a buyers guide to the current market and consult you on the best strategy going forward.

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