Don't repeat these mistakes Sellers all over the country are making!

Some home selling mistakes can be easily avoided, what will make your sale much more stress free and successful.

As real estate team, we talk to LOTS of sellers each and everyday. With that said, we sometimes see mistakes made that can be easily avoided. Not repeating these mistakes will make your sale much more stress free and successful!

Pricing to net

 A major issue we see is sellers pricing their home based on the amount of money they want to receive from the sale. Go at it from a different ankle: Look at the comps with your real estate agent. You need to know what the other homes are selling for. At the end of the day, the market determines what the home sells for, not you and not your agent. 

Lower price “later”

A big mistake we see sellers make is they want to initially list their home too high to "test the market". They want to price it higher than it may be worth hoping that it may sale for this price. This almost never results in the desired effect! On the contrary...

When a listing first hits the market, the idea is to make a big splash. You want it to be priced well, you want buyers to see value in the house. While you don’t want to leave money on the table, but if it is over priced you won’t get any offers. By the time you lower the price, your major exposure that occurs in the first couple of weeks has passed, missing a great opportunity. Buyers that might have purchased your home earlier will now have moved to other properties.

Not planning ahead 

No need to have your house ready to list before you bring in an agent. In fact, it is the agent’s job to assist in getting the home prepared. An experienced realtor can help you identify the best return on investment for your time and expense. After all, you don't want to loose money when selling your house! Your agent will also be able to assist you with everything that needs to be done, from repairs to cleanings. For this to happen, it's essential to get your agent involved six weeks, or even six months, before you intend on getting the home on the market.

Opting for discount broker

Not every deal actually is a deal... Real estate agents work on commission: The more they sell homes for, the more they make. If someone is working for a significantly discounted amount, they will not have the ability or the motivation to negotiate on your behalf.

Your house is the biggest asset of your life. Leaving money on the table in choosing a discount broker is a real risk! If the agent is quickly willing to leave money on the table for themselves, what do you think they will do with your money at the negotiating table?

*Bonus: Not demanding the absolute best marketing

Just like everything else in our society, real estate sales and home shopping starts online. How your home is presented on line is “mission critical.” 94% of buyers start their home search on the internet. You need a real estate team or agent who knows marketing and can market your property on every single platform including real estate syndicated web sites. 

As always, The Novak Team at eXp is always available to answer any questions! We are happy to forward our guideline for success. Shoot us a message, we are happy to help!

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