Thinking About Selling? What Should You Do Now?

It's important to take a strategic approach when listing your home that will drive as much demand as possible and save you money and effort.

Here are some tips:

  1. Only repair items that will give you an ROI. Sometimes it's hard to identify what these are. We're happy to take a look as we've done this thousands of times, and know exactly what those items are. 
  2. It might make sense to sell as-is. You've likely been living in the home for a while now. Something that may seem huge to you may not even call the attention of buyers. Depending on the current state of the market, it might make sense to just roll with it and list as-is.
  3. Where are you headed? Your timeline could change everything. It's important to think about these things in advance, as well as lining up a new option for you and your family and making sure everything goes smoothly there. 

Our team is happy to give you a free consultation, home evaluation, and take a look at those items that you're thinking about repairing.

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