Three Real Estate Lead Sources to Consider

3 Lead Sources to Consider as a Real Estate Agent

It's a common mistake we see with agents who are just starting out:

Instead of mastering 3-4 lead sources, they try to manage 10+ and end up getting less production overall. 

Here are a few lead sources you could consider focussing on. By dialing them in, you'll start to see an increase in leads and business.

Three real estate lead sources to consider

  1. Zillow: Although it's slightly more expensive as a lead source, the investment can pay out nicely. Just enter in your credit card and you'll have the leads flowing immediately with virtually no setup or tech skills needed. 
  2. PPC: We love online leads, but they have a longer conversion window than Zillow. Follow-up is key here. There's no point in buying PPC leads if you don’t have a conversion funnel and the discipline to call them. If you do, however, they can give a nice ROI.
  3. Open Houses: We push this lead source a lot for our new agents, having them do 3-4 open houses a month.  These are excellent opportunities to have real estate conversations with real people and hone your sales skills.  Be sure you have a lead capture system in place and, as always, be sure to follow up. 
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