Three Reasons Why New Real Estate Agents Fail

Real estate poses an incredible opportunity for so many people—yet there are many pitfalls on the road to success.

According to a 2014 NAR report, more than 87% of agents will not make it through their first 5 years.

Why is this? 

Here's our take. 

  1. They don’t go all on in. In this business, the top producers are the ones seeing all the results. The success is not shared equally—the top 1-2% are essentially doing all the business while the rest struggle.
  2. They don’t create structure. There's no telling what you'll see if you pull into any real estate office at 8 am. Some days it will be full and others it will be a ghost town. It's important to treat it like a job—time block your schedule and have the discipline and consistency to execute day in and day out. 
  3. They don’t follow up. This is a common problem in the industry—the follow-up standards are embarrassingly low. Most agents are terrified of the phone, running away from it instead of using it as an excellent tool for prospecting. Those who follow-up will see things go their way in the business. 

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