Where to Buy an Investment Property in Snohomish County

Where to investSnohomish County, with its picturesque location in the Puget Sound region of Washington, has become a hotbed for real estate investment in recent years. As the population in the Seattle metropolitan area continues to grow, many individuals and investors are looking to Snohomish County for its relative affordability, quality of life, and promising real estate market.

If you are looking for the right team to help you invest in real estate in Snohomish County, were are here to help. Contact us any time. To help narrow down your search area, keep reading as we explore some of the best places to invest in real estate within Snohomish County.


Everett is a hub of economic activity and a prime real estate investment location. Several factors contribute to its appeal.

The city's diverse economy, driven by industries like aerospace (home to Boeing's largest assembly plant), healthcare, and technology, provides a stable job market and potential rental income.

It is also a popular location for those who work in Seattle. Everett's relative proximity to Seattle, with commuter-friendly transit options like the Sounder commuter rail, makes it an attractive option for those who work in the city but seek more affordable housing. This means strong demand for rental properties in the area. 

The presence of institutions like Everett Community College adds to the city's appeal, attracting students and faculty who may require housing, and Everett's waterfront properties, especially along the Port Gardner Bay, offer scenic views and potential for property appreciation.


Lynnwood's strategic location along major highways, including Interstate 5, makes it a transportation hub for commuters, enhancing its rental market. The city has seen substantial retail and commercial development, including the Alderwood Mall area.

There is a steady demand for rental homes in the Lynnwood area.  Edmonds Community College and proximity to other educational institutions make Lynnwood appealing to students and faculty.


Marysville has been experiencing growth and transformation, making it a promising real estate investment destination. The city's real estate prices are often more affordable than those in southern Snohomish County and Seattle, attracting both buyers and renters. If you are looking for an affordable first rental property, we can help you find something that meets your budget in Marysville. 

Access to outdoor activities, parks, and lakes adds to the city's allure. With a growing community, Marysville offers potential for rental properties and single-family homes, with significant appreciation potential in the coming years. 


Edmonds is a coastal city known for its charm and strong sense of community. It boasts picturesque waterfront homes and condos with stunning views of Puget Sound, making it a coveted area for real estate investment. It is also a popular choice for those wondering where to raise a family in Snohomish County

The city's vibrant arts and culture scene, including galleries, theaters, and events, attracts residents and visitors alike. It is also home to the Edmonds Community College, drawing students and faculty in need of housing. Whether you are considering a short term vacation rental or a long term rental property, Edmonds offers demand for both. 


Arlingtonlocated in northern Snohomish County, offers a mix of rural charm and suburban amenities. The city's real estate market is relatively more affordable than many other parts of the county, making it attractive for both homeowners and investors.

Surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including the Cascade Mountains, Arlington offers potential for vacation rentals and outdoor enthusiasts.

Mill Creek

Mill Creek, a highly desirable planned community in Snohomish County, offers a unique real estate investment landscape. The thoughtfully designed neighborhoods, parks, and amenities make it an appealing location for families and individuals.

Mill Creek Town Center, a thriving retail and dining district, adds value to the city's real estate market. Mill Creek has plenty to do and is popular for families, as the city is part of the highly regarded Everett School District.


Monroe, situated in the Skykomish River Valley, is known for its scenic beauty and growing real estate potential. The city's proximity to the Cascade Mountains and access to outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and skiing make it attractive to those seeking a balanced lifestyle. It is also a great option for a short term vacation rental because of the surrounding outdoor recreation opportunities. 

Monroe offers more affordable housing compared to nearby urban areas, drawing both residents and investors. As the community grows, the demand for housing, including rental properties, is on the rise. This is one of the best places to invest in Snohomish County if you are looking for something in an up and coming area. 

Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens is known for its namesake lake and is an attractive destination for real estate investment. The city offers lakefront homes and waterfront living, which can be appealing to those seeking a serene lifestyle or in search of a peaceful vacation rental. Lake Stevens provides numerous opportunities for water sports, fishing, and outdoor recreation, making it a magnet for nature enthusiasts.

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