Ever Wonder Why Are Teams Taking Over Real Estate?

It's a model that's become dominant in the industry over the past few years.

Rather than real estate agents who take on the business by themselves, they team up with other agents and administrators to get the job done—and they're seeing fantastic results.

Why has this model proven so effective?

Why the Team Model is Dominating Real Estate

  1. Teams almost always out-perform individuals. Ever heard that 1+1= more than two? This is true in many walks of life, and real estate is no different. When you put together great real estate minds, the results they're able to come up with are compounded. 
  2. Specialization is a game changer. There's a reason the NFL doesn’t have players play both offense and defense. It's better (and more healthy) for them to specialize and master one area—rather than achieving more average proficiency in many.  The same holds true in real estate. Trying to be a listing agent, working with buyers, do your own transaction coordination, running your own marketing...  It becomes overwhelming quickly.  The top-performing real estate teams keep their elite salespeople in their track and have support do everything else.
  3. It’s expensive. The costs rack up quickly when you have to pay for your own leads, technology, client parties, radio marketing, transaction coordination possibly, marketing management, videographers, stagers, photographers, SEO and PPC managers, Facebook management... the list goes on.  It can take years to build up this type of budget and revenue stream to pay for all of this. Most single agents couldn’t pay to stage even one home if they had to right now. With a team, you don't have any of these up-front costs. 

Join Snohomish County's Premier Team 

Rather than investing the up-front time and energy, we're offering you a great environment to grow your real estate business. You'll benefit from all of our investments by joining our team today. 

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