Why You Should Schedule a Free Buyers Consultation

House hunting can be a really exciting process, or it can end up being really stressful with twists and turns you didn't expect, plan for, or anticipate. At the Novak Team, our goal is to take the stress and hassle out of the process, so that you can just focus on finding the perfect home.

It’s important that you start your home search on the right foot. This is where the buyer's consultation comes in. At the Novak Team, we meet with you BEFORE we go out running around looking at homes. This gives us an opportunity to meet you in person, learn more about what you are looking to accomplish, and go over the entire home buying process. These consultations are completely free and allow you to talk with one of our agents who’s an expert in the current real estate market. Whether you’re a year out from buying a home or want to start touring them today, we provide the guidance to start the process the right way.

It’s generally known in real estate that about 30% of properties that go under contract don’t go through to closing. There are many reasons why this happens, but you’d be surprised at how frequently buyers end up missing out on a great deal for the perfect property due to factors that could have easily been prevented with proper guidance and representation. The buyers consultation helps make sure that you won’t be part of that 30%.

Here are some things you can expect to happen in the buyer's consultation meeting:

1. An in-depth discussion about exactly what you are looking for in your home with very specific detail. We’ll help you understand market forces (for example, if it’s a buyers or sellers market) and consider all the different options you might have available.

2. We will give you our buyers guide and go over the timeline of buying a home from start to finish.

3. With an understanding of your timeline, we can help make sure that you’re prepared with the appropriate financing when it’s time to close on your property. We’ll provide assistance with learning more about the pre-approval process and refer you to local lenders that are honest and can help you get pre-approved for your mortgage. (learn more about getting a loan in 2018)

Watch this quick video as we go in depth on the home buying process and the value that a free buyers consultation can add to your home buying experience.

Get in touch below, we’d love to take the time to get you started on your home buying process and offer you our free buyers guide to the current market!

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